Meaning of Forex Signals and How They Work?

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One of the widely used tools by traders to make significant trading decisions is forex signals. Forex signals provide traders with excellent trade recommendations such as which currency pair to buy or sell, the right to make a trade and how much profit you can generate by following their ideas. While there are forex traders who rely on ideas given by forex signals exclusively, some of them just use them as a part of their deeper analysis of the forex market to develop their own trading strategy. Irrespective of which way you choose, forex signals can help you a lot when it comes to gaining a better understanding of your trades. Some of the key aspects of forex signals that a trader should know are discussed here so that they can take advantage of this very useful tool while trading in the forex market.

How Do Forex Signals Work?

One can find two types of forex signals: manual and automated. Let’s understand each of them in detail:

Automated forex signals:

These types of forex signals use technical indicators for evaluating and identifying trade ideas. These are created by professional traders in conjunction with coders and developers. They use algorithms for recommending trade ideas by analyzing historical trends, such as how the market moves. Although it may sound all too much complicated to you, automated forex signals are very beneficial for discovering patterns and are based on multiple mathematical formulas.

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Automated forex signals are also referred to as Expert Advisors (EAs) or forex robots. This is so because they don’t require any human intervention to analyze the forex market and come up with trade ideas. Various forex robots allow you to select multiple technical indicators and parameters for analysis to create forex signals. Additionally, these systems also customize spreads as well as forex currency pairs that you want to trade. Hence, one can say that automated trading signals are highly important for analyzing technical indicators to publish forex signals with higher chances of success.

Manual forex signals:

On the contrary, manual forex signals are created by traders using both technical and fundamental indicators in order to find potential trade ideas. It also includes checking past information regarding the prices and trends for a particular forex pair. Professional analysts who create such signals also go through the current news (called fundamental indicators) as they also tend to affect the price action in the forex pair. This is what differentiates automated forex signals from manual forex signals.

It’s worth mentioning that fundamental indicators like economic and political developments have a key influence on the price movements of any currency pair. Coupled with technical indicators, they can provide traders with great insight into the movements of a currency pair and by how much, enabling them to immediately enter the market and make a profit from the price movement.

There are numerous signal systems available in the market that offer forex signals for free. But there are some who charge a subscription fee to provide such information to traders. This particular fee can vary and could be between $40 to $50; however, in some cases, it can be as high as $500. Whenever you subscribe for such a service, whether free or paid, you will get notifications through texts, email or app alerts by the forex signal system when a new forex signal is published.

How Can Forex Traders Use them?

As mentioned above, forex signals send alerts to traders whenever a new signal is published via email or app notification. Once the traders receive this signal and the trade idea is something they are interested in, they can go ahead and place the trade. 


Irrespective of what forex signals you have signed up for and how you are going to use these signals, always remember one thing: forex trading is risky, and there are no guaranteed profits. Although forex trading signals are extremely useful to help you become a better trader, they do not assure you 100% guaranteed profits. They only tend to minimize risk from trading. Thus, it is up to you how you use them. And, always trade wisely and carefully by managing risk efficiently when trying to generate profits in the forex market.  


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